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OS: Linux, ...

License: Freeware, opensource

Bioclipse is a free, open source, workbench for chemo- and bioinformatics with powerful editing and visualization capabilities for molecules, sequences, proteins, spectra etc. The major features are:

* Import and export in various file formats
* Visual editing of molecular 2D-structures
* 3D-visualization of molecules and proteins
* Editing and visualization of sequences and features (DNA, RNA, proteins etc)
* Graphing and editing of various types of spectra, e. g. NMR, MS
* Retrieval of resources (sequences, proteins, etc) from public data repositories
* Scripting of 3D-visualizations with syntax highlighting and content assistance
* PDB-editor with syntax highlighting for working with PDB files
* CMLRSS-viewer for downloading chemical content published on the web using RSS-feeds
* Chemtree for displaying a hierarchical view of molecular and macromolecular substructures
* Visualization of syandard chemical properties
* Powerful scripting language based on Mozilla Rhino for automating tasks
* Integrated, searchable help-system
* Connection with external programs, e. g. PyMol