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OS: Linux

License: Freeware, GPL

Bist stands for bidimensional structures (in italian it sounds like "beast" in english ) and is a chemical drawing tool. It is focused on organic chemistry but it may be useful also for chemists or teacher as well.

Bist support many of the formalism used to describe molecules structures like single bond, double bond, stereospecific bond, charges, resonance arrows, lone pairs etc...

It can export both postscript and png formats.


* Input in native and more than 20 different formats(CML, XYZ, mol etc.) ;
* export in SVG, PostScript, FIG and PNG format via plotutils;
* simple template system;
* support for i18n;
* plug-in system;
* translation, scaling, flipping, 3D and 2D rotation;
* unlimited undo level;
* parsing of linear fragments (i.e. -CH2CH(C=OOH)2);
* zoom.