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OS: Linux, Windows, IRIX

License: Freeware, Registration

Bodil aims to provide easy three-dimensional molecular graphics closely integrated with sequence viewing and sequence alignment editing. Functionality of Bodil is implemented in dynamically loaded modules. Most of the modules available in the present release provide visualization tools, with protein modeling, small-molecule ligand docking and other modules being currently under development. New modules can easily be added via a documented C++ application programming interface.

* Multi-view 3D graphics
* Stereoscopic viewing using CrystalEyes goggles (or equivalent) is supported on both SGI Irix and Intel Linux.
* Integration of sequence viewing and alignment editing with 3D molecular graphics
* A hierachichal tree view to chemical data
* Molecular surface calculation and visualization
* Visualization of electron density and Grid / AutoDock / DelPhi maps
* Fully automatic protein structure superposition using a C-alpha packing profile correlation
* Modular architecture: dynamically loaded plugin modules, application programming interface based on standard C++