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ChemNomParse project

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OS: Linux, Windows

License: Freeware, LGPL

The ChemNomParse project is an open source project to create a chemical nomenclature parser. The project aims to build molecules from an IUPAC chemical name.

The program currently supports:

* Carbon chains upto 99 atoms long as main chains or substituents.
* Cyclic main carbon chains.
* Limited set of organometalics.
* Following organic functional groups occuring 1,2 or 3 times:
o Ketones
o Amides
o Amines
o Aminos
o Oxo
o Nitrile
o Nitro
o 4 Halogens
o Carboxylic Acid Chloride
o Carboxylic Acid
o Aldehydes
o Alcohols
* Limited benzene rings
* Support for bond orders upto 3