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License: Freeware

DINO aims to visualize all this structural data in a single program and to allow the user to explore relationships between the data. There are five data-types supported: structure (atomic coordinates and trajectories), surface (molecular surfaces), scalar fields (electron densities and electrostatic potentials), topographs (surface topography scans) and geom (geometric primitives such as lines).

The number and size of the data the program can handle is only limited by the amount of RAM present in the system. No artifical limits are set.

Supported input file formats are PDB (coordinates), X-PLOR/CNS (coordinates, electron densities and trajectories), CHARMM (coordinates, trajectories and scalar fields), CCP4 (electron densities), UHBD (electrostatic potentials), DELPHI/GRASP (electrostatic potentials), MSMS (surfaces), MSP (surfaces), GRASP (surfaces), MEAD (coordinates and electrostatic potentials) and greyscale TIFF (surface topographs).

Output can be written as PNG, PostScript and POV-Ray (v3.1 and v3.5)