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OS: Linux, ...

License: Freeware

FlexV is a free, fast, general-purpose visualizer for Unix and Linux workstations.

FlexV was originally developed as a visualization front end for our protein-ligand docking program FlexX. Today, FlexV is a powerful stand-alone tool with easy interfaces and may be used in combination with any kind of molecular modelling software. Certainly, the connection to all BioSolveIT cheminformatics tools is still seamless.

FlexV's extremely fast rendering machinery is based on OpenGL technology, originally developed by SGI.

FlexV visualizes small and large molecules/proteins with most of the properties modellers would like to see: from simple objects such as lines or dots to ribbons, surfaces etc. Also, FlexX, FlexS, and FlexX-Ensemble interaction surfaces and the display of FTrees are accessible through simple procedures.

seamless integration with FlexX, FlexX-Ensemble, FlexX-Pharm, FlexS, and FTrees
stand-alone usability
direct (multi)mol2 viewing
extremely fast on-screen rendering
virtual reality output (VRML)
handy connection to rendering engine (povray)
multi-purpose, user readable input format
highly configurable interface