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OS: Linux, Windows

License: Freeware. GPL

GDIS is a GTK based program for the display and manipulation of isolated molecules and periodic systems. It is in development, but is nonetheless fairly functional. It has the following features:

Support for several file types (CIF, BIOSYM, XYZ, XTL, MARVIN, and GULP)
OpenGL rendering (requires gtkglarea)
Assorted tools for visualization (measurements, ribbons, polyhedral display)
Useful manipulation tools, including matrix transformations and periodic image display.
Powerful surface generation and crystal morphology tools.
Animation of BIOSYM and GULP trajectory files

GDIS also allows you to perform the following functions through other packages:

Model rendering (courtesy of POVRay)
Energy minimization (courtesy of GULP)
Morphology calculation (courtesy of cdd)
Space group processing (courtesy of SgInfo)
View the Periodic Table (courtesy of GPeriodic)
Load additional filetypes, such as PDB (courtesy of Babel)