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OS: Linux, Windows

License: Freeware


accepts input data for asymmetric unit cell, full unit cell or cartesian coordinates
all spacegroup symmetries included for generating atom positions
atom display modes: shaded spheres, discs, circles
stereo pairs
coordination polyhedra
real time rotations by mouse drags (use economy mode if necessary)
shifting and zooming by mouse drag
measuring distances and angles by clicking atoms
removing atoms by mouse clicks
optional sliders for atom radius factor, bond radius, zoom and perspective factor
inputfile editor
periodic table for radius and atom color settings
output of PostSript, VRML1.0, VRML2.0, GIF, JPG
simple bond creation (by clicking at atoms)
show spherical regions around a selected atom (study site environment)
select any atom as rotation center
3D/2D X-ray diffraction patterns (real time rotation and layer scanning) + Laue pattern
Stereographic projections onto Wulff-net
unit cell visualizer (based on my JCELL applet)
periodic table with basic elemt properties (based on my JPT applet)
direct printing support under Windows/Solaris (raster image, spooling is quite slow)