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OS: Linux

License: Freeware

KMol is a simple chemical calculator, which calculates molecular weights and elemental composition of compounds given their chemical formula.


KMol is designed to be able to parse any chemical formula that can be unambiguously interpreted if written as a simple character sequence (i.e., without subscript and superscript formating). If you can understand a chemical formula, chances are KMol will understand it in exactly the same way. If you can't, do you think it is KMol's fault?

KMol can deal with: Unlimited number of nested subgroups: (CH3(C6H3)N(SiMe(CMe3)2))2Y(thf)2(CH(SiMe3)2).
Multicomponent compounds: K2SO4+Al2(SO4)3+24H2O.
Fractional coefficients: Cu3.14O2.72.
User-defined symbols, which override the global defaults.

KMol has a built-in definition editor, which is used to define new element or group symbols