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achemso - LaTeX and BibTeX style for American Chemical Society
biblatex-chem - Chemistry styles for biblatex
bpchem - Typeset chemical names, formulae, and numbering of chemical compounds
chem-journal - Various BibTeX formats for journals in Chemistry, including Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Computational Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
chemarr - Analogous to amsmath's \xrightarrow and \xleftarrow this package provides a macro for a longer version of reaction arrows with the possibility to put text above and below; it requires AMS-LaTeX
chemarrow - Arrows for use in chemistry
chemcompounds - Simple consecutive numbering of chemical compounds
chemcono - Support for compound numbers in chemistry documents
chemstruct - Structural organic chemistry (also works with Plain TeX)
chemstyle - Formatting chemistry documents according to the conventions of a number of leading journals
chemsym - Macros for typing chemical symbols
chemtex - A very early demonstration of the use of TeX for graphical purposes in Structural Chemistry
cryst - MetaFont font for symmetry elements in crystallography
isotope - Typesetting isotopes
mhchem - Typeset chemical formulae, and equations as well as Risk and Safety phrases
ochem - A perl script to translate chemical formulae and reaction schemes into PostScript or LaTeX.
ppchtex - A separate module of the context macro package for TeX that can be used to typeset chemical formulas
pst-labo - Draw complex chemical objects with pstricks
r-und-s - Chemical hazard codes in both German and English
texshade - Package for setting nucleotide and peptide alignments
textopo - Annotated membrane protein topology plots
xymtex - A set of packages for drawing a wide variety of chemical structural formulas