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License: Freeware

Mercury - Crystal Structure Visualisation and Exploration Made Easy

Mercury offers a comprehensive range of tools for structure visualisation and the exploration of crystal packing.


a full range of structure display styles, including displacement ellipsoids (N.B. displacement ellipsoids will be displayed for CIFs or SHELX res files which contain Uequiv or Uij values only)
the ability to measure and display distances, angles and torsion angles involving atoms, centroids and planes
a number of output options for saving displays
functionality for creating and displaying centroids, least-squares mean planes and Miller planes
location and display of intermolecular and/or intramolecular hydrogen bonds, short nonbonded contacts, and user-specified types of contacts
the ability to build and visualise a network of intermolecular contacts
the ability to calculate, display and save the powder diffraction pattern for the structure on view
the ability to display unit cell axes, the contents of any number of unit cells in any direction, or a slice through a crystal in any direction