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OS: Fortran 90

License: Freeare, GPL, Registration

Music stands for Multipurpose Simulation Code. It is designed, from the ground up, as an object-oriented molecular simulations code.


Simualation Types : GCMC, NVT-MC, NPT-MC, Hybrid Monte carlo, MD, NEMD
Monte carlo moves : insertion, deletion, rotation, translation, configurational bias, identity-swap, etc.
MD utilities : Neighbor lists, RATTLE, Thermostats
MD integrators : velocity verlet, leapfrog, Gear predictor-corrector
MD thermostat : rescale, nose-hoover, Gauss, Berendsen
Pairwise Types : Lennard-Jones, Buckingham, Hardsphere, etc.
Electrostatics : Ewald, Coulmb with smooth cutoff (Ewald Sum is not currently available in non-orthorhombic unit cells!!!)
Intramolecular Terms : stretch (harmonic, morse), bending (harmonic), torsion, intramolecular-pairwise
Pretabulated maps : vdw and coulomb interaction with a framework can be pretabulated and saved