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NMRView is a program for the visualization and analysis of NMR datasets.


Multiple views on one or more NMR spectra.
Unlimited number of spectral windows.
Windows may be in any size or position on the screen.
Unlimited number of data files.
Generic reader for block structured files.
Corresponding cursors in different windows track each other automatically.
Contour plots of any plane of any 2, 3, or 4 dimensional spectra.
1D vector plots ina any orientation of 1 to 4 dimensional spectra.
Spectral displays may be transferred from one window to another using a Copy/Paste protocol.
Automatic peak picking.
Peak searching.
Facilitated peak analysis and interactive peak editing.
Spin-system tabulation
XY data plotting and non-linear regression analysis.
Powerful command language (Tcl, tool command language).
Programmable user interface.
Flexible database.
Comprehensive NOE constraint generation and analysis.
Structure analysis including rmsd superpositions and constraint violation analysis.
Contextual help.
On-line hyper-text documentation.