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OS: Windows

License: Freeware

Creates and shows orbitals of atoms and molecules


Draw Any Atom: Any atom with the principal orbital quantum number, n<=30. See the Grand Table.
Draw Any Molecule: Any molecule can be formed using Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals (LCAO). This includes all hybrid orbitals.
Three Types of Rendering: Point probability plots, polygon surface plots, and raytracing (both probability and surface plots).
Asymptotes: Show the locations where the probability goes to zero.
Translucence and Index of Refraction: Sometimes you can see the orbital structure better if the orbital is partially clear.
Animations: Create AVI files or sequences of TIF, PPM, or BMP files.
Stereo: Red-blue (anaglyph), stereogram (SIRDS), stereoscope, LCD shutter glasses, Chromadepth, and overlay.
Cutaway: See the interior of the orbital.
Lighting: Light the orbital from any location. Cast shadows.
File Formats: Save TIFF, PPM, BMP, AVI, and VRML files.