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License: Freeware

SimSoup is a project for the investigation of non-genetic mechanisms of evolution, especially evolution of chemical networks in the context of the Origin of Life.

The SimSoup model enables a Chemistry to be defined in terms of Molecule Types and the possible Interactions between them. A simulation run involves setting up a number of Molecules of various Molecule Types in a Reactor, and then allowing Interactions to take place over a period of time. Interactions taking place in the Reactor are shown on a graphical display.

Although the motivation for development of the program is to enable investigation of 'metabolism first' theories of the Origin of Life, the basic design of SimSoup supports modelling of any network in which interactions can take place between nodes.


A Chemistry including Molecule Types and Interaction Types
A Reactor in which Interactions take place between Molecules
Graphical views of the Chemistry and Reactor. Interactions taking place in the Reactor are displayed in real time
Display of Simulation Statistics in real time. Statistics can be displayed in two formats:- o Data Series Plots: These show the real-time behaviour of a range of variables that are monitored as the simulation runs. The Data Series to be displayed are selectable from a list o Manhattan Plot: This shows the amount of variability in the composition of the material in the Reactor.
Simulation Control facilities, including the ability to use Predefined Scenarios to control the operation of the simulation, and a facility enabling 'Action Requests' to be setup to customise Predefined Scenarios or create user defined scenarios.
A (partly hidden) System Monitor screen - mainly for diagnostic purposes