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SirWare software

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OS: Linux, Windows

License: free for academic users, Registration

The most important softwares are:

EXPO: An integrated package for the extraction of integrated intensities from a powder diffraction pattern and the crystal structure solution via Direct Methods.(user manual, PDF File);

EXPO2004: A package for the indexation of a powder diffraction pattern, the extraction of integrated intensities, the space group determination, the crystal structure solution via Direct Methods and the structure refinement by Rietveld technique. To install the program please read the installation instructions (PDF) or the user manual (HTML).

QUALX: a computer program for phase identification using powder diffraction data. The program is in Beta-testing step and it will be available at the end of september.

QUANTO: A Rietveld program for quantitative phase analisys of polycrystalline mixtures from powder diffraction data. The user manual of the program is available.

SIR97: Direct Method program for the resolution and refinement of crystal structures using single crystal data (user manual, PDF File);

SIR2004: This program is devoted to the automatic solution of crystal structures by Direct and Patterson Methods. It can be used both for resolution and refinement of small/medium size crystal structures and for macromolecules with data up to 1.4-1.5 Ang. To install the program read the installation instructions (PDF ) or the user manual (PDF or HTML).

IL MILIONE: A computer program suite for solving crystal structures. Coming soon.;