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OS: Java

License: Freeware

SketchEl is an interactive chemical molecule sketching tool, and molecular spreadsheet data entry application. The feature set provided by the molecular sketcher is largely limited to the minimum features required to conveniently edit diagram representations of small molecule structures. Toolbars, templates, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts, utility commands and several view modes are offered in order to make this as convenient as possible. Molecules can be easily interconverted with the ubiquitous MDL MOL file format, though not not necessarily without information loss. Molecule diagrams are rendered interactively in high quality, and can also be exported as SVG graphics.

The newer datasheet feature of SketchEl allows viewing and editing of simple tables of data, for which each column is a common scalar type (string, int, real, boolean) or a molecule. Editing and viewing of molecules is linked to the molecule sketching tool. The datasheet editing is intended to be convenient for entering numeric property and identification data, alongside the molecular structures of interest. The native format is XML based, with features for interconverting with MDL SD files.


Easy to use interactive tools for placing atoms and bonds.
Tools are multipurposed in order to provide convenient access to necessary drawing modes, and to operate with either fine-control or generally reasonable assumptions.
Automatic or manual control over creation, calculation and rendering of hydrogen atoms.
Built-in structure templates.
Aesthetically pleasant output, using anti-aliased rendering and arbitrary size scaling.
Molecules can be exported as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) pictures for external use.
More recently, pictures can be exported as ODG (OpenDocument Graphics) pictures, which can be used within the OpenOffice suite, among others.
Reads and writes industry standard MDL MOL files, a flavour of CML XML, as well as its own format.
Provides a datasheet editor, which allows tables of data with molecular structures to be edited alongside accompanying data.
Datasheets use an XML format, and can be interconverted with MDL SD files.
Platform independent and open source; uses Java 1.5, Swing with no further dependencies. All source code is copyrighted by the author, and made available under the GPL v2.0.