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OS: Linux, OSX, Windows

License: BSD

The free, open source Vespa suite contains three magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy software applications: RFPulse (for RF pulse design), Simulation (for spectral simulation), and Analysis (for spectral data processing and analysis).

Vespa applications run separately but can communicate via a shared database of objects/results. One example of inter-application sharing might be for Simulation to make use of a pulse designed in RFPulse to create a more realistic MR simulation.

These applications came from the port and extension of three previous tools into a single, open source, open development platform using the Python programming language.
These are:

RFPulse <-> MatPulse - software for RF pulse design written in Matlab
Simulation <-> GAVA/Gamma - software for spectral simulation written in IDL
Analysis <-> IDL_Vespa - spectral data processing and analysis written in IDL