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OS: Linux, Windows, Mac

License: Freeware, Registration

WebMO improves the accessibility and usability of computational chemistry software. Users can access and use your software from their web browser. A web-based interface provides unheard of ease-of-use and a shallow learning curve for beginners. Advanced users benefit from convenience, full access to input and output, and management of computing resources.

WebMO also allows many users to take advantage of a single workstation on which the computational chemistry programs are installed. This greatly lowers the cost of hardware and software licenses, and it minimizes the time and effort for system maintenance.

Features of WebMO:

Support for Gamess 1999+, Gaussian 94/98/03, MolPro 2002/2006, Mopac 7/93/200X, NWChem 4/5, PQS 3.3, QChem 2/3, and Tinker 4
Users draw structures in a 3D java editor, run calculations, and view results, all from their web browser
No software to install on the client. WebMO is installed only on the single web server that runs or accesses the computational chemistry programs
All administrative tasks (user accounts, program configuration, job time limits, etc) are performed through a web browser interface
Simple enough for undergraduate computational chemistry curriculum: reasonable default values and results are presented on web pages
Flexible enough for computational chemistry research: full access to input and output files
Works fully with Internet Explorer 4.0+ (Windows), Safari (Mac), Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux/unix), and other browsers