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OS: Windows

License: Freeware

Wsearch32 is a Windows program that should run under Win2000 and WinXP and is a mass spectrometry program that can read over 20 different Mass spectral file formats. Wsearch32 is mainly used to display GC/MS data however this version will also display Electrospray data and MALDI -TOF data.

Besides the graphical representation of MS-Data sets, Wsearch32 is capable of utilizing MS-Databases of different vendors for interpretation of MS-Data.

File Types:
Kratos DS90 , AEI DS55
Kratos Mach3 (*.run)
Agilent Chemstation (data.ms)
Agilent LC/MS (msd1.ms)
HP Pascal. (*.d)
Varian Saturn (*.ms, *.sms)
Finnigan ITS40,magnum (*.ms)
Finnigan ICIS, ITDS (*.dat)
Finnigan Xcalibur (*.raw)
Shrader (*.lrp)
JCAMP_DX (*.dx, *.jdx)
netCDF (*.cdf)
Joel (*.lrp)
mzXML (*.xml, *.mzxml)
Masslynx (*.raw)
PE TurboMass (*.raw)
Bruker XMASS
Shimadzu (*.R##)

Display Capabilities:
Shows chromatograms
Shows file header details
Shows ion plots
Peak averaging
Background subtraction
Manual/Auto peak integration
Displays spectra
Displays library match's
clipboard support
text export( TIC, ion plots, all spectra)
Mouse wheel support for expanding/contracting chromatograms and spectra.
Elemental Composition Tool
Isotope Profile Tool
Molecular Weight Calc Tool