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License: Freeware

X-UTIL (pronounce: "subtle") is a set of utility programs intended for (but not limited to) practicing protein crystallographers.

AVEPDB to average models
CELLO to play with your cell
CT2HET to find hetero compounds in the PDB using only atom type and connectivity information (using the hetero-compound collection OMAC/hetero.pdb)
DCUP to do quick calculations during data-collection
HETZE to check the geometrical quality of hetero compounds (before or after refinement)
LIGCOM to check and compare the geometry of hetero compounds
MOLEMAN to do all sorts of things with/to PDB files (obsolete except for a few arcane options; use MOLEMAN2 instead !)
MOLEMAN2 to do everything you used to do with MOLEMAN, but: better, stronger, faster !
O2D to make 1D and 2D plots
ODBM to analyse O datablocks (ODBMAN offers many more options !)
ODBMAN to analyse O datablocks
OOPS2 (OOPS is obsolete) to scrutinise your model and generate rebuilding macros for O
PACMAN to check packing after Molecular Replacement
RMSPDB to analyse multiple models (LSQMAN does this much better !)
SEAMAN to generate search models for Molecular Replacement
SOD to generate O datablocks from (aligned) sequences
XPAND to expand molecules under NCS and/or spacegroup symmetry
XPLO2D does "stuff" to X-PLOR input or output files; most popular for its option to auto-generate topology and parameter files for hetero-entities in X-PLOR
XVRML to generate VRML files from PDB files