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OS: Unix. Linux, Irix, Windows

License: Freeware, Registration

XPMA is a mouse driven menu based graphical program for the manipulation of crystal structures.

It reads SHELX93, SHELXL, SHELX76 and SHELXS-OUTPUT FILES. Conversation Programs(for CCDC and for RIETVELD-User) are available too, which allow the use of XPMA to visualize structures.

XPMA provides graphical rotation, zooming and movement of structures on the screen and makes it possibble to search and generate symmetry equivalent parts of fragments. It also gives bond lengths, angles and torsion angles.
It can make files for SHELX-INPUT, SYBYL-INPUT, orthogonal coordinates and save orientation and thermal parameters for ZORTEP. New atom names can be created, as well as deleting atoms and electron density places and is an easy to use graphics editor after refinement and/or Fourier synthesis.