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OS: Windows

License: Freeware

aqion is a free hydrochemistry software that:

* validates aqueous solutions (charge balance error, parameter adjustment)
* calculates pH of solutions (acid-base reactions, titration)
* calculates the calcite-carbonate system (closed/open CO2 system)
* calculates alkalinity, buffer capacities (ANC, BNC), and water hardness
* calculates equlibrium speciation/complexation (with activity corrections)
* calculates equilibria with mineral phases (dissolution, precipitation, saturation indices)
* calculates redox reactions
* addition of about 100 chemicals (acids, bases, salts)

aqion uses the free U.S.G.S. software PhreeqC as an internal numerical solver. The calculation of chemical reactions is based on the thermodynamical database wateq4f.

Online-manual with about 50 examples including environmental systems.

Available in two versions: English and German.