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OS: Linux, Windows, Mac

License: Freeware

The SourceForge cctbx project currently contains these modules:

The build system common to all other modules. This is a very thin wrapper around the SCons software construction tool.

A very small adaptor toolbox with platform-independent instructions for building the Boost.Python library.

Libraries for general scientific computing (i.e. libraries that are not specific to crystallographic applications): a family of high-level C++ array types, a fast Fourier transform library, and a C++ port of the popular L-BFGS quasi-Newton minimizer, all including Python bindings. These libraries are separated from the crystallographic code base to make them easily accessible for non-crystallographic application developers.

Libraries for general crystallographic applications, useful for both small-molecule and macro-molecular crystallography. The libraries in the cctbx module cover everything from algorithms for the handling of unit cells to high-level building blocks for refinement algorithms. Note the distinction between the cctbx project and the cctbx module. In retrospect we should have chosen a different name for the project, but the current naming reflects how the modules have evolved and it would be too disruptive to start a grand renaming.

Libraries for reading and writing established file formats.

Libraries for macromolecular crystallography.