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OS: Linux

License: Freeware

laueX is an easy to use interactive program, with a Macintosh like graphical user interface. It allows one to:

simulate a Laue diagram, when given the orientation of the crystal and the cell parameters. When the structure of the crystal is known, the program may be used to evaluate the intensities of the Laue spots, displaying the results as spots whose size is proportional to the intensity.

index an experimental Laue diagram, based on a knowledge of the cell parameters and the position of a number of spots of low indexes. It then determines the orientation of the crystal.

align or rotate the crystal with respect to the X-ray beam and detector.

print the simulation diagram as a Postscript file or to a printer.

laueX is written in C language, and designed for UNIX workstations. It requires X-Window and OSF-Motif libraries.