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OS: Linux, Windows, Mac

License: Freeware

open enventory is an integrated laboratory journal and inventory program. It is a web application (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera 9.52, Apple Safari, Google Chrome) and therefore platform independent (find technical information here). The integration makes physical data and safety informationen from the inventory automatically accessible in the laboratory journal. The automatic acquisition of freely accessible data from online databases makes manual data acquisition and catalogue searches obsolete. Accessing the online catalogues also allows price surveys with a mouseclick.

The laboratory journal uses the information available in the inventory database and makes the data available for all members of a workgroup. Both inventory and laboratory journal allow data exchange between workgroups on the basis of cooperations.

The goals of open enventory are:

to make unnecessary and boring tasks in the laboratory obsolete: searching for chemicals, price surveys.
to make knowledge accessible inside and outside (if access is granted) the workgroup, for longer periods.
to improve working safety be easily accessible safety instructions.
to reduce waste amounts and unnecessary costs by an easily searchable inventory database.