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ChemApp is a programming tool from the area of computational thermochemistry. It is a programmer's library consisting of a rich set of subroutines, based on the thermodynamic phase equilibrium calculation module of ChemSage (now FactSage). It permits the calculation of complex, multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and their associated energy balances. ChemApp is available as object code for a wide range of platforms and as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL).

ChemApp is not an interactive, standalone program, it does not contain a GUI or a user menu, since it is a library of subroutines.

ChemApp light is a free version of ChemApp, and although it is restricted in two ways compared to the regular version, it gives you almost the same functionality.

Link: http://gttserv.lth.rwth-aachen.de/~cg/Software/ChemApp/IndexFrame.htm