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OS: Linux, Windows

ConQuest provides a full range of text/numeric database search options, in addition to more complex search functionality including:

* Chemical substructure searching
* Geometrical searching
* Intermolecular and non-bonded contact searching

ConQuest also features:

* Intuitive sketcher for drawing chemical substructures and defining geometrical parameters
* A command line interface for batch processing
* Copy and paste of 2D structures from ChemDraw and ISIS/Draw
* Straightforward mechanisms for combining queries to generate complex searches
* A hit-list manager where search results can be combined and annotated
* Interactive browsing of search results while searches are running
* Links to primary literature sources
* Extensive range of output file formats (CIF, PDB, MOL2, SHELX, PDF, SDfile etc.)
* Link to Mercury visualiser
* Context dependent help, full documentation and tutorials
* Search of in-house crystal structure databases
* A version of ConQuest, Classroom ConQuest, is available for teaching

Link: http://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/products/csd_system/conquest/