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Export publication quality molecular images at high resolution and vector images (metafile)
Annotate, atoms, residues and sites
2D and 3D user-defined labels
Hydrogen bond and distance labels
Display atom clashes, distance restrainsts, tethers
High quality molecular surface representation, skin, wire, xstick and ribbon representations
Easy control of thickness, color and type in molecular graphics. Color by atom type, residue side-chain, molecule, unique carbon atom coloring for multiple objects, bfactor, occupancy, accessibility, hydrophobicity, polarity, secondary structure, paint structure by alignment color, color by user-defined values

Visual effects: dynamic shadows, fog, hardware and side-by-side stereo, clipping planes, full screen
Export colored and annotated sequence alignments.
Easy to use and control animation effects: rotations, rocking, zooming
Store current views/viewpoints,layers and slides
Two kinds of stereo, including a high quality "in-window" mode, as well as a stereo mode which does not require any special hardware.

Link: http://www.molsoft.com/