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OS: Linux, Windows

QSite: A high-performance QM/MM program

QSite applies quantum mechanics to the reactive center of a protein active site and molecular mechanics to the rest of the system. Its accuracy allows detailed understanding of reactions involving proteins, making it a powerful tool for lead optimization.


High performance: QSite outperforms other QM/MM programs because it takes advantage of Jaguar, long recognized as the industry leader in QM calculations.

Advanced technology: QSite's innovative approach to the QM/MM interface specifically addresses protein systems and interactions between QM and MM regions. QSite also models crucial solvation effects.

Transition metal convergence: QSite achieves unparalleled accuracy in metalloproteins thanks to Jaguar's advanced capabilities; it reliably and efficiently converges to the correct ground state of transition metal containing systems.

Wavefunction choices: QSite offers different levels of theory to evaluate the QM region: Hartree Fock, DFT, and local MP2. This allows the user to choose the best balance between computational cost and accuracy.

Advanced calculation setup and analysis: QSite automatically applies special interface parameters, making it simple to set up calculations. Computed results, such as molecular orbitals and electron densities, can be visualized within Maestro.

Link: http://www.schrodinger.com/ProductDescription.php?mID=6&sID=5&cID=0